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Spread initiatives positively impacting communities and territories

SMEs aim to grow the communities in which they work

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the role of companies within their communities increasingly crucial. A sense of “community” is now a part of many corporate missions, of both large and small businesses. This concept includes not only environmental sustainability, i.e. the positive impact on the areas in which the companies operate, but above all the wellbeing of the community. In Europe, many businesses have focused their attention on communities, placing them at the top of their list of priorities. One example is the French digital communications company, NovaSanco, which has always been particularly attentive to the needs of people with disabilities. Established in 2016, it took the company less than a year to obtain Adapted Company status, a highly regulated recognition that allows facilities to adapt working conditions to the needs of employees with disabilities. Today, with 80 percent of its staff affected by disabilities, NovaSanco has shown that high-tech careers are accessible to everyone and gives meaning to its customers’ digital communication. Thanks to its expertise, NovaSanco also provides companies with turnkey solutions to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities. During the pandemic, the company shot a film on the consequences of Covid for people with disabilities, which helped spread awareness and solidarity on a particularly sensitive and complex issue. Also in France, Son Café is a coffee roaster and distributor of coffee solutions that, through its business model, generates funds to complement a One Cup One Cent microcredit program that helps lift rural populations in subtropical countries out of bounds of poverty. In Italy, the case of Agrimad also appears significant: founded in 1984 as a Calabrian pig farm in the wild, the company chose to put the community at the center of the business. Over the years, the company has expanded its business to the cultivation of olive trees and Calabrian chilli. Even more during the Covid emergency, Agrimad has decided to activate initiatives that are open and useful to the entire reference territory and not just to its employees, placing the health of workers, family members and the community at the center of the company objectives. Furthermore, during COVID-19 pandemic, Flamma SpA – a pharmaceutical company founded in Bergamo in 1950 – activated an appropriate insurance policy to cover those who may be infected by offering a contribution for expenses and income support for family management; the company also immediately moved to a fundraising campaign to support the Bergamo Hospital: employees were able to donate their hours worked or holidays and leave.