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Best Practice: Welfare

Galvanica Sata

Industrial Safety · Italy

Welfare Champion in Welfare Index PMI and nominated in the Welfare category of SME EnterPRIZE

Despite a tough year, marked by a decline in turnover and an increase in costs due to the enactment of necessary health measures, Galvanica Sata, located in Brescia, began 2021 certain of one thing: being able to work in a safe and secure environment, thanks to rigorous adoption of ministerial protocols and their employee vaccination campaign.

To meet the needs of its workforce and their families, the company, which deals with surface treatments of metals on behalf of third parties, covered its people and their families with a Covid-19 insurance policy. The company has also permitted the continuation of smart working for employees who requested it.

Thanks to the latest HR software and an app that each employee has access to via their smartphones, many procedures have been digitised: from requesting holidays and permits to getting their cards stamped.

To support families of employees and local commerce, in addition to the 13th month, gift cards were distributed to the entire staff to use in supermarkets in the area.

On the health protection front, the company, in addition to a health policy common to all employees, offers an optional check-up once a year. Given the upcoming expansion, Galvanica Sata is also building an internal infirmary for emergencies and medical examinations.

In view of the positive effects of the proactive integration of female staff in the company, which keeps going thanks to new selection procedures, the company has planned the construction of a dedicated changing room for women in the new building. It also provides for employees, half of whom are mothers, flexible working hours and the possibility of smart working. Maternity is also supported with annual production bonuses.

In Galvanica Sata, a young workforce prevails, with 36% of employees under 30 and 21% under 35: onboarding is followed by a dedicated tutor, who structures a training plan for each employee based on the tasks they will have to perform, with courses on safety and cross-functional training.

The company also contributes to the wellbeing of the area in which it operates: suppliers and employees are sought locally, it sponsors local sports teams and supports the local parish with donations.

Developing welfare services contributes to improving the wellbeing of employees and the productivity of the company. In a serene environment, where you feel at ease, you work better and with more energy”, explains Annamaria Sapelli, Human Resources Manager.