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Faema Empleo S.L.U.

Inclusive Working · Spain

Making equal opportunity a shared reality

Faema Empleo or the Faema Salud Mental Ávila Special Employment Centre was founded in 2010 to promote quality employment and the integration of people with disabilities into the labour market, as well as to promote equal opportunities, through the formula of protected employment as a Special Employment Centre.

A shared purpose

The activities carried out by Faema Empleo are diverse (inclusive restaurant service, catering service for events, signage and interior decoration, housekeeping, ironing and embroidery, advertising distribution, plastic cap recycling service, etc.), but they all share one mission: the empowerment of people with disabilities. The company has currently hired 19 workers with disabilities, representing more than 80% of its workforce.

Breaking down barriers for inclusion

To accomplish its objective, Faema Empleo provides:

  • An Equality Plan
  • Flexibility Measures
  • Conciliation and Flexibility Measures against COVID-19
  • Use of an inclusive language among its workers
  • Promotes the principle of equal treatment between women and men, guaranteeing the same professional opportunities
  • Guarantees the absence of gender-based discrimination, particularly those resulting from maternity, paternity, the assumption of family obligations, marital status and working conditions
  • Eliminates all manifestations of discrimination in internal promotion and selection in order to achieve a balanced representation of women in the workforce
  • Prevents sexual harassment through a code of conduct that protects all employees
  • Promotes equality for all company employees regardless of their seniority, through communication and training actions.

In 2020, Faema Empleo was one of the Special Employment Centers that participated in the “Contribution of Special Employment Centers to the Sustainable Development Goals” study led by FEACEM Spain.

In recent years, Faema Empleo has received several accolades:

  • Distinction as a company committed to Equal Opportunities, in 2017
  • Óptima Distinction recognised by the Junta de Castilla y León, for its achievements in implementing and monitoring equality policies, in 2020
  • CEPYME National Award in the field of equality, in 2021
  • Award of Excellence in the Corporate Social Responsibility category by the Provincial Council of Ávila with its Authentic Ávila brand, in 2021
  • The company was also a finalist, in 2022, for the XI National Award for Excellence in Labor Inclusion and Prevention of Occupational Risks for Disabled People, in the Special Employment Centers category, awarded by the Alares Foundation
  • In addition, in 2022, Faema Empleo, won the second prize for training and employment at the “Ávila SMEs of the year 2022” awards, presented by Banco Santander, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and El Diario de Ávila.

Faema Empleo is now planning the construction of new facilities that will support the creation of new job opportunities for people with disabilities.

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