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Cooperative Production Company · France

The Key Role of Employees for Business Success

CITEL is a cooperative production company (Scop) in the building and public works sector that specialises in energy. Each employee in a Scop has the potential to become a partner, fostering a cooperative ethos that combines decision-making and shared responsibility towards the other associated employees.

A CSR-driven business
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is ingrained in the company’s DNA as it is committed to developing responsible initiatives for governance, working conditions and the environment, customer relations and local development. Employees are invited to reflect collectively on the company’s development. Affirming the management’s commitments, the company has joined the select group of companies evaluated by AFAQ 26000 at the “exemplary” level, which is the highest.

A united effort
The local jury of the 2022 edition of SME EnterPRIZE was particularly impressed by the participatory aspect of Scop CITEL’s CSR strategy.

As a Scop, the work space belongs to the company’s employees. This is evidenced by CITEL’s managers’ construction of a building with a high Environmental Quality for teams to feel comfortable in their working environment, which was extremely well-received internally. The Chairman and CEO of CITEL, David Auguste, is particularly concerned with maximising waste recycling, minimising environmental impact, and proposing alternative techniques and materials. The teams have developed participative communication and have a strong sense of belonging and pride in working for CITEL.

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