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What is SME EnterPRIZE

SME EnterPRIZE is a flagship project designed to
promote a culture of sustainability among European SMEs.
It has the goal of inspiring SMEs to develop sustainable business models and stimulating the debate on the topic.


Through SME EnterPRIZE
Generali aims to:

  • Create a pan-European platform to give visibility to Sustainable SMEs
  • Stimulate the debate on the importance of Sustainability for SMEs promoting a Research on this topic
  • Reward the best success stories, inspiring small and medium entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business models in three areas: environment, welfare and community

Generali wants to give voice to “Sustainability Heroes”: entrepreneurs who have implemented notable sustainability initiatives in their business activities that can become an inspirational model for fellow entrepreneurs and be ambassadors of Sustainability. Therefore, we want to highlight the best practices implemented in these 3 categories:


SMEs which improved the well-being of employees and their families


SMEs which contributed to important goals, such as the reduction of energy consumption and circular economy


SMEs which spread initiatives that positively impact the communities and territories they operate in

EU countries that joined our project.

7 countries where Generali has established some of its branches will take part in the first edition of SME EnterPRIZE: Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic.

The International Event - “SMEs: Drivers of Sustainable Economic Recovery and Growth in Europe”

Generali will present the SME EnterPRIZE White Paper, developed by SDA Bocconi on the integration of sustainability principles in European SMEs. The Sustainability Heroes, SMEs selected in 7 European countries that have implemented notable sustainability initiatives in their business activities, will also be presented. The event will see the participation of representatives from the European institutions and the media.

How to participate
The Event
Brussels, Belgium
28 September 2021


Examples of the best practices implemented by sustainable SME entrepreneurs.

Discover the sustainability stories