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Građevno Zec

Construction Company · Croatia

A Construction Business with a People-first Approach

In 2002, Građevno Zec began as a small construction company in Split, without knowing what the future would hold. From the start, they based their company’s growth on open communication with customers and the satisfaction of their workforce. In 2015, the business shifted gears, becoming a limited liability company.

Putting employees at the heart of the business
“We entered the SME EnterPRIZE competition to gain more experience. We never expected anything to come of it, so we see this as a further incentive to continue caring and investing in our employees’ satisfaction. A prize of this magnitude and importance is further confirmation that we are doing a good job for the benefit of our employees,” stated the company’s owner, Mate Zec.

Thanks to their continuing investment in employees’ wellbeing, which included encouraging health screenings and caring for their health and safety, Građevno Zec was able to stand out in the Welfare category. “We strive to provide our workers with work-life balance, timely training on workplace safety, and 24-hour accident insurance. Of course, there are also financial incentives, such as the Christmas bonus, gifts for children, and aid for personal needs. These are just some of the many benefits that come with working for our company,” Mr. Zec continued.

Over the past 20 years of working in civil engineering and the construction of roads, kindergartens, schools, recycling yards, fishing harbours, and playgrounds, Građevno Zec kept making significant and ongoing investments in the health of its workforce. “Our company is only as strong as our team’s unity. As a result, as our employees grow, so does the company; you cannot have one without the other. We must, therefore, pay special attention to the satisfaction and wellbeing of our people,” Mr. Zec added.

Giving back to the community
The company endeavours to continuously strengthen its team of experts who improve its business quality, foster team spirit, and nurture corporate culture. By taking a professional approach to business and service quality, they work to maintain their reputation as a desirable employer and business partner.

Građevno Zec consistently works towards supporting the development of their local community. They accomplish this by establishing business partnerships with local companies and businesses, hiring local workers, and making donations to a variety of associations and sports organisations in order to positively impact the local community.

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