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Laboratory equipment supplier - Slovenia

To exceed customers expectations and deliver outstanding service, companies must first ensure the commitment and satisfaction of their employees. That is the belief of the family company Mikro+Polo, leading supplier of laboratory equipment in Slovenia.

Mikro+Polo introduced color into sterile white laboratories with its own furniture brand, LAB INTERIOR, and was the first in the industry to enable online shopping for laboratory equipment in Slovenia. Its latest innovation, the PREGL DIGITAL smart laboratory furniture system, is a global breakthrough that offers sustainable solutions, including chemical inventory optimization, paperless monitoring, and reduced chemical waste.

Innovative employee benefits
Mikro+Polo  employees enjoy a rewarding work environment thanks to healthy breakfast and lunch, a flexible 37-hour workweek, a 45-minute break, training for all employees, mentorship for new hires, fresh fruit twice a week, unlimited paid vacation and personal leave during working hours, pet and child-friendly workplaces, top-notch parties and team-building events, guided fitness and salsa classes during work hours, sports days, relaxation corners, and an internal library.

Maintaining work-life balance is an integral part of the company culture, as is fostering respect for all forms of diversity, tolerance, and inclusivity. Mikro+Polo also regularly addresses these topics in its own internal magazine, Mikrofon.

A sustainability commitment for the environment and society
Mikro+Polo separates and reduces waste through the reuse of environmentally friendly packaging and offers free disposal of waste chemicals for customers. As a paperless company, it strives to minimize its ecological footprint and participates in various environmental projects, including aid to flood victims and tree planting. In addition, surplus food is donated to the beneficiaries of the UP-ornik humanitarian society, and the remaining food is used to feed animals.

The company invested in a solar power plant on the roof of the existing warehouse, achieving energy self-sufficiency. Additionally, it plans to construct a new business-warehouse facility with a green roof, an onsite gym, and additional landscaping around the company.

Mikro+Polo is also active in community support, providing assistance to socially vulnerable children and families, promoting natural sciences, especially chemistry, among young people, and supporting local manufacturers.

Among the recognitions received there is the European Business Award for Work Place and People Development, testifying to Mikro+Polo’s commitment to spreading a business-friendly and socially responsible culture.

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