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Maximiliana (Bukit App S.L.)

Technology – Spain

Maximiliana is 90 years old; she was born in a village in Teruel and has lived all her life without a mobile phone. Nearly three years ago, her grandson Jorge Terreu embarked on a unique venture, driven by a desire to connect more closely with her: he created a prototype phone with an operating system adapted to the needs and abilities of the elderly.

With this phone, Jorge could remotely assist Maximiliana, helping her in tasks such as adding contacts or starting videocalls, without her having to do anything. What Jorge didn’t know at the time is that Maximiliana was the one giving a gift to him, and to all the people who today use the cell phone she inspired, and which bears her name.

Overcoming the tech-gap to fight against isolation
The Maximiliana phone combines a smartphone with many functionalities like videocalls, geolocation, apps and more, and allows families of elderly people to manage the device remotely through a very intuitive app in their own phone.

Thanks to the control app, for example, families can change settings, add contacts with pictures, or start a videocall on behalf of the user. The elderly need only lift the phone to activate the screen, tap the face of the relative they wish to call, or shake the phone in case of emergencies.

The project, which started as a gift from Jorge to his grandmother Maximiliana, became a larger mission after a pilot test in a Hospital in Zaragoza: here, the first Maximiliana phones were donated to families with elderly members diagnosed with Covid-19.

Thanks to Maximiliana, elderly people can easily contact their relatives without suffering from the technological gap. A true digital helping hand to fight against loneliness and isolation.


The business model is based on a monthly fee service that includes the Maximiliana phone, a SIM card with unlimited calls and mobile data, and protective accessories with convenient charging capabilities.

Today, the company assists around 1,500 active clients utilizing the Maximiliana phone to communicate with their older relatives.

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