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Humana Nova

Textile - Croatia

In a world struggling with environmental challenges, exclusion, and economic inequality, social cooperative Humana Nova pushes the boundaries of social entrepreneurship by intertwining textile production, inclusion, and responsible investment of profits.

Production and consumption of textiles have long been recognized as one of the causes of environmental degradation. Meanwhile, social exclusion remains a pressing issue at the global level, with factors like disability, lack of education, and unemployment intensifying this problem. Humana Nova has taken on the role of a catalyst for change, committed to transforming its community into a better place for everyone.

Weaving the thread of inclusiveness
For more than a decade, Humana Nova has been a pillar of sustainability on the national and international scene. This Croatian enterprise addresses the challenges of our time by simultaneously tackling different key issues: addressing textile waste management, providing employment opportunities for marginalized groups, and ensuring responsible profit utilization.

At its core, Humana Nova aims to empower people with disabilities and socially excluded people by making high-quality, innovative textile products from ecological and recycled fabrics. By creating a work environment based on respect, trust and responsibility, Humana Nova promotes diversity, equal opportunities and a culture of inclusiveness.

Empowering communities, step by step
The influence of Humana Nova resonates on multiple fronts, from promoting resource conservation to creating employment opportunities.

The company has successfully integrated 47 individuals with disabilities or from marginalized communities into its workforce, thereby promoting social inclusion and economic empowerment. With its textile waste management system, Humana Nova diverted more than 3,400 tons of waste, reducing CO2 emissions by an impressive 30% while conserving 20% โ€‹โ€‹of valuable resources.

Blueprint for positive change
As a non-profit eco-social enterprise, Humana Nova reinvests all its profits in business development and the creation of new jobs. This commitment significantly raises the quality of life within the community, especially for people with disabilities, but also for other marginalized groups.

Humana Nova’s waste management model can be replicated at the local and national levels; furthermore, being based on reuse, repair (upcycling) and recycling, the company’s model has the potential to be applied to other goods outside of textiles.

In a world full of challenges, Humana Nova is a testament to the power of innovation and sustainability, inspiring communities and organizations around the world to embrace the mantra that by solving problems at the local level, we can create a brighter, more inclusive and more environmentally responsible future for all.

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