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Down Experience

Catering services- Spain

Down Experience is a pioneering project in the Spanish region of Galicia, promoted by the Down Coruña association. Its objective is the promotion of the entrepreneurship, social participation, and better living conditions for people with disabilities.

The inclusive catering initiative
With the pilot programme “El Quiosco Down Experience,” the Down Coruña association introduced a remarkable catering venture that showcases the skills of individuals, both with and without disabilities, promoting real inclusion and ownership.

With 62.5% of the staff comprising people with disabilities, the project precisely aims to enable people to advance in full social and labour inclusion. Tailored plans empower autonomous and independent development, along with flexible working hours and comprehensive training.

Thanks to the programme, 16 people with Down’s syndrome and other intellectual disabilities have been selected to be trained in the hotel and catering industry, filling roles in the kitchen, customer service, waiting staff, and point of sale. Additionally, 6 individuals without disabilities have joined the team.

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