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Mechanical Company · Italy

Welfare that Comes from Listening to People’s Needs

Romec was founded as a company dedicated to the design, construction and repair of moulds. Alongside its core business, Romec has designed a welfare plan tailored to its employees and collaborators born out of listening, direct knowledge and analysis of real needs and the business climate.

 An ad hoc welfare plan for employees
Romec has among its objectives that of implementing welfare policies that can help employees sustain their purchasing power. These include increased actual remuneration, facilitation and flexibility of working hours, implementation of a cafeteria service with the meal price partially covered by company contributions, issuance of shopping vouchers for school books, pension funds, and disbursement of € 800 in shopping vouchers. Romec also introduced fiscal support for grant requests and/or tax assistance.

Working women and the youth
To support women’s careers and reconcile family and work life, the company has agreed to flexible working hours and smart working. Romec supports the placement of young people in the company and oversees their career paths through agreements with neighbouring higher education institutes for work-related learning plans with real employment opportunities. All company employees can access general and job-specific continuing education programmes, as well as mandatory health and safety training courses. Lastly, the company is also attentive to the community in which it operates: it supports annually local amateur sports associations and contributes to sponsoring scholarships in its municipality, Pian Camuno in the province of Brescia.

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