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Csákányi Kenyér Bt.

Bakery · Hungary

Healthy and Local Ingredients are the Recipe for Success

The bakery of Csákányi Kenyér Bt. was awarded the HUF 3 million prize in the “Corporate Social Responsibility for Local Communities” category. Since it opened its doors in 1989, the passion for the art of baking bread has been the driving force behind this local business in Csákánydoroszló, at the gateway to Őrség. They operate as a traditional family business, which largely determines not only how they interact with their customers, but also their approach to the production process.

Focus on fresh and local produce
The mission of Csákányi Kenyér Bt. is to put high quality baked goods on the tables of as many people as possible. To accomplish this, they work exclusively with first-class products and healthy, fresh produce as their ingredients. For instance, Csákányi pastries are made with fresh fruit, real cow’s curd and cheese. The ultimate goal is to completely eliminate artificial substances (preservatives, colourings, and flavour enhancers) from their products, or at least, minimise their use.

Based on its success among its customers, the company has expanded its range to include healthy options such as whole grain, low-carb and homemade specialty products. Csákányi Kenyér Bt. is also committed to local communities and has launched a mobile bakery on a travelling truck to specifically address the needs of the elderly.

The Csákányi gluten-free selection
While there is a real demand for gluten-free baked goods, there is a general lack of supply, according to the market research on Hungarian demands and consumer needs. Part of the reason for this is that producing such food items necessitates special precautionary measures and it is necessary to have a production facility separate from the traditional one. With the support of the Generali SME EnterPRIZE award, Csákányi Bakery will be able to set up an isolated workshop exclusively dedicated to the production of gluten-free products.

The company will eventually be able to create a “Csákányi Gluten Free” selection thanks to the new workshop, offering freshly made, high-quality gluten-free products following the same high standards it applies to traditional baking. This will be a unique and unmatched initiative in the area, targeting a niche market and contributing to enhancing natural and local products while also boosting the company’s sales and revenues.

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