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My Food

Farming · France

Locally-Grown Fruit and Vegetables

What began as a group of friends attempting to grow their own food in a small garden has evolved into an innovative SME, My Food. It offers its customers solutions such as greenhouses to grow fruit and vegetables in compact spaces, using only 100% natural methods.

Regaining control over food production
The company leads a community of agronomists and 600 “pioneers” working for the sustainable production of fruit and vegetables without pesticides, saving water (with a 90% reduction compared to traditional vegetable growing methods) and CO2. The SME is expanding its business with a customer base made up primarily of individuals but is also seeing an increase in demand from local authorities, schools, and retirement homes.

The jury was most impressed by My Food’s commitment to putting food production back in the hands of consumers.

A strong community
My Food’s ambitions are clear: to nurture a worldwide community of self-producers and consumers. The company relies on creating a sense of belonging through the sharing of values and by encouraging mutual aid between members, while also building a digital platform to adapt to current lifestyles.

Anne-Cécile de Joode, Head of Strategy and Marketing at My Food, said “We empower citizens to discover food autonomy by enabling them to grow their fruit and vegetables at home all year round. To guide our users, we have developed an online platform with tutorials and a dedicated social channel where everyone can interact with our agronomists and community members. The greatest benefit is knowing what is on our plate and eating extremely healthy, fresh food every day.”

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