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Halas Tűzvédelem Kft.

Fire Services · Hungary

A Company that Cares for its Employees and the Environment

Halas Tűzvédelem, a fire service company, has distinguished itself in the category dedicated to employee welfare. Founded in 1991 as a one-man family business, the company initially started by providing only fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance. With technological advances over the years, the company has evolved and now offers a wide range of services. The company currently has 30 employees, and its activities are best represented by its slogan: “Today’s care is tomorrow’s safety”.

A workplace that enhances employee well-being
Caring is not just a professional motto, but also a priority as an employer. In addition to providing employees with regular professional training and sustainability awareness workshops, the company promotes collaboration and team spirit by organising various team-building events.

With the Generali SME EnterPRIZE award, the company will organise several themed days dedicated to community outreach, prevention for health, and offer tailored recreational opportunities. As part of Halas Tűzvédelem’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), it will donate a portion of the prize money to support two local community initiatives: planting trees in Csetényi Park and promoting therapeutic horseback riding.

Raising eco-awareness
The company understands that while the benefits of spending time in nature are countless, it is equally important for people to care for it. As part of Family Day, employees will plant trees with their loved ones so that even the youngest children can understand the value of protecting and preserving nature. Together with the town’s head gardener, the company’s donated swamp cypress saplings will be planted in the park.

Even their choice of venue and programmes demonstrate their commitment to the community, since only local businesses’ products and services will be used. Years of support for their local micro-communities through small and large projects – regular charity work and donations to various organisations – play a key role in serving a larger mission: their corporate social responsibility for society. In an effort to protect the environment, the company is now investing in electric bicycles to enable transportation between sites while minimising its ecological footprint.

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