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Industrial Safety · Italy

Welfare Champion in Welfare Index PMI and nominated in the Welfare category of SME EnterPRIZE

Progesto is a Vicenza-based company comprising engineers and technicians specialized in industrial safety.

Employees are the most important asset to the company and need to be supported in every way possible: this is the principal philosophy of the company which it managed to live up to thanks to its flexibility and speedy reaction to the crisis. The company has been able to limit losses during the darkest period of the pandemic, closing 2020 positively, with two new hires, and aiming for a double-digit growth and an increase in its workforce this year as well.

Even in times of drastic ups and downs at work, Progesto ensured no one was neglected: ​​two employees were given access to furlough (CIGD), anticipated by the professional firm through paychecks, and a newly hired employee worked alongside two partners to develop new branches of the company (the CE certification of masks and PPE and the ISO 9001 certification), which – due to the significant generated business – allowed a complete return of all staff to the company as early as May 2020.

In addition to PPE and free tests for employees, smart working has now been introduced in the company’s regulations along with rules regarding frequent sanitation of the premises. The company also integrated plants with air purification properties in the workplace.

In 2020 it took advantage of the decrease in work to implement training programmes (with + 226% of hours compared to 2019) and decided to start a corporate welfare plan through the TreCuori platform, a benefit company that includes small local operators and offers a wide range of services (medical, school, hobby, tourism, and a variety of other amenities). Each employee has a credit limit available to use for themselves and their family members.

Investing in training activities and hiring young people who want to grow within the organisation is ingrained in the company’s DNA. Therefore, an individual training plan is agreed upon with each employee annually. The specialized training is paid for by the company, which also organises and finances an English course during working hours for employees.

Flexible working hours, a 50% contribution to the company canteen, a portable PC for every employee, and an iPad for technicians are some other noteworthy elements of the corporate welfare programme. It also includes community welfare through the organisation of pro-bono information activities on industrial safety in collaboration with public bodies, foundations and local organisations.

Our employees and collaborators are the most important asset of the company. They are the people who work, day in and day out to create value – a value that then translates into profit, which in turn is invested in the same people in Progesto. It is a virtuous cycle, a transparent and honest give and take, which allows us to live better at work and in our private lives“, said Julia Faccin, Administrator of Progesto.