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Digital innovation - France

Cyril Noury established Informa’Truck in 2021: a pioneering mobile truck network company specializing in computer equipment repair, staffed entirely by individuals with disabilities, aiming to prove that digital inclusion and the integration of people with disabilities into the workforce can go hand in hand.

Innovative network for inclusion
Informa’Truck is a testament to the profound synergy that can exist between social impact and technical services, reshaping perceptions of disability, technology, and meaningful employment.

The company is the first of its kind, a network of itinerant workshop trucks set to repair computer equipment across French rural regions. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to inclusion: 100% of their technicians are individuals with disabilities undergoing career transitions, meticulously trained to become skilled technicians.

These mobile workshops are not one-size-fits-all: each truck is custom-built to accommodate the specific needs of its technicians. By empowering individuals with disabilities through meaningful employment, Informa’Truck challenges stereotypes and promotes the idea that everyone has unique talents to contribute.

Sustainability beyond repair
Today, more than 21 million people in France lack access to computer repair services within a 30-minute radius. As a result, they often discard their devices and purchase new ones. Informa’Truck is on a mission to change this wasteful trend, successfully repairing over 90% of the devices they receive.

When devices cannot be repaired, Informa’Truck reconditions them or recovers materials for recycling. Not only does repairing devices save money, but it also extends their lifespan by one to three additional years, which is both an ecological and economic benefit for everyone.

Entrepreneurship and social good
Informa’Truck’s innovative approach is a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship as a force for social good. Cyril Noury’s visionary leadership has not only bridged the digital divide but also shown that disability need not be a barrier to meaningful work and technological innovation.

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