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The NaviLens Project Contributes to a More Inclusive World

One of the greatest challenges a visually impaired person faces daily is autonomous movement in unknown spaces. The NaviLens project arises from the need of visually impaired people to improve their autonomy in unfamiliar areas and access information similarly to fully sighted people, to achieve complete mobility without the help of a third party

A next-gen solution for a truly inclusive society

NaviLens is the project created with the aim of enabling full independence and inclusion of visually impaired people through new, accessible and universal digital signage. By means of a technologically advanced and patented QR code, visually impaired people are given the opportunity to orient themselves in unfamiliar environments, reach the marked area with precision and obtain information completely independently, all with the help of their usual mobile device.

NaviLens, in other words, is based on the real-time detection of a new artificial code. This technology was developed in Spain after extensive research and development work that lasted 5 years, in collaboration with the University of Alicante.

A digital helping hand

People who are blind can easily read the new NaviLens code even from a great distance, without needing to focus or frame using their mobile phones. The user can walk through a space and the NaviLens app will indicate the presence of a NaviLens code and offer its content. The NaviLens code helps users in two ways:

  1. It guides users with full precision to the location indicated by the code by means of voice instructions or sounds.
  2. It provides a visually impaired user with accessible information by describing the space, the facilities or services provided, such as bus timings, the audio description of an artwork in a museum, or information on consumer items. The app is available in 33 languages.

In order to be as inclusive as possible, NaviLens technology adheres to universal design principles. It is being rolled out worldwide to provide visually impaired people equal access to not only places but also information present in printed insurance brochures and documents.

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