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Agricultural Company · Italy

Sustainability and Community at the Heart of Business

Applying from the very beginning a sustainable business model to agriculture and food production, Agrimad achieved its goal of reaching 100% energy self-sufficiency. It does so utilising green energy, from solar panels and biogas, for about 1 MW. Even agriculture waste is essential. In fact, it is partly transformed into clean water and the rest into thermal and electrical energy.

Employees and the community at the centre
Agrimad, located in San Demetrio Corone, a southern Italian town of 3,000 people, was founded in 1984 as a free-range Calabrian pork farm. Over the years it has expanded its activities to include the cultivation of olive trees and Calabrian chili peppers. The company, in addition to focusing on product quality, has chosen to place the community at the centre of its business. This strategy has made it possible to create employment opportunities in an area with a high migration rate, reaching as many as 85 employees – now part of one big family. The company currently employs more than 40 people under the age of 35, and more than 50% of the employees are women.        

For Agrimad, the well-being of its workers and community is everything, so much so that it also provides books for schools and medical services. Additionally, most of the earnings are reinvested in the community and not just in the growth of the company itself.

L’Accademia del Gusto (Taste Academy)
In 2019, the company inaugurated the Accademia del Gusto, a venue dedicated to training, education, social activities, team building, entertainment, meetings and local events that also involve the community.

With the objective of training new experts and future workers who are passionate about agricultural work – which Agrimad views not only as “work,” but as a fundamental activity for the future of the community and the planet – the Academy has made some of its courses available to local schools.

“We are convinced that the future of our business depends on the people of the region in which our company operates. The interconnection between production companies and the region is our greatest success. For us, this is what it means to be sustainable.”

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