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Community Revitalization and Sustainability Hub - Austria

DORFPLATZ STAW GmbH is a social business rooted in cooperative management. Through a participatory process, it has transformed a vacant estate in the town center into spaces for creative and sustainable self-employed professionals, social associations, fostering an innovative hub for sustainable cooperation, education, and exchange.

In addition, DORFPLATZ offers a catering service that provides the community with freshly prepared, locally sourced, organic food while serving as a venue for events, art, and culture.

Creating space for different coexistence
DORFPLATZ champions the coexistence of commerce, social engagement, and culture. With its presence, the project revitalizes the town center, bolsters the rural region, supports local producers and artists, democratizes access to culture, and offers incubation space for sustainable social projects.

As a socially oriented organization, the company endorses ecological responsibility, solidarity, and social justice as fundamental values within the economic landscape, in harmony with the principles of the Economy for the Common Good. Its core embraces transparency and shared decision-making, complemented by its dedication to enhancing quality of life and fostering local value generation, prioritizing this over mere sense of money.

Embracing values that matter
Despite its modest size and the absence of proprietary products or technical innovations, the company sought to demonstrate the viability and necessity of sustainable, resource-efficient, socially responsible, and intergenerational practices. The recognition would not only validate its efforts but also provide constructive feedback to enhance its regional quality of life and value creation through cooperative, sustainable management, leading to meaningful job creation and community spaces.

As natural resources are not unlimited and society is subject to constant change, both companies and individual play a key role and have a responsibility to act sustainably.

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