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Best Practice: Welfare

Ladó-Rec Ltd.’s plans to Improve the wellbeing of their employees

Waste management · Hungary

Recognized in the Local Edition of the SME EnterPRIZE Project, in the Welfare Category

Ladó-Rec Waste Wholesale and Services Limited is a 100% Hungarian-owned family business that has played a key role in the waste management sector since 1992. They operate in wholesale, collection, and pre-treatment of non-hazardous waste throughout Hungary, and also handle document shredding.

To Ladó-Rec environmental protection is a duty, a responsibility, and a core value that they capitalise on for long-term value creation. Their mission is simple – working for a more livable future and a better quality of life.

In 2020, 15,843 tons of non-hazardous waste were handed over for recycling, with the company  interacting with 14 countries and 1,548 partners. The waste was transported from their site, to breathe new life into it by creating recycled products such as napkins, hand towels, paper handkerchiefs, diapers, toilet paper, and many more.

With the technological and regional developments of recent years, the company was able to keep pace with market and economic changes and to meet the increasing demands of their clients. Thanks to their many years of experience, their dynamic development, and their innovative ideas, they can offer diverse solutions to meet the specific needs of their partners.

True to its commitment to sustainability, the company has already implemented several eco-conscious projects in the past, such as investments that had a significant impact on energy efficiency, the modernisation of equipment and vehicles, and preschooler education.

Just as it was always the case, the history and background of their company as a family business still determine their corporate culture, values, workplace atmosphere, and their responsible attitude towards their employees and partners alike.

The company’s opinion is that it is not enough to hire the right employees: the employer needs to train and nurture their development as well. Ladó-Rec Ltd.’s award-winning program is in fact aimed at the professional growth of its people,  their recreation, and team building. The support received through the SME EnterpRIZE Award will be devoted to the creation of a complex employee health screening system, the purchase of sports equipment, a business trip, a management training program, and the organization of a company-wide Family Day.