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Sustainability Heroes

During the SME EnterPRIZE event that took place in Brussels on 28 September 2021, Generali has recognised the “Sustainability Heroes”: companies drawn from the over 6,000 SMEs that participated in the areas of welfare, environment, and community, and coming from the European countries that have joined the initiative: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Spain.

The first edition of SME EnterPRIZE has its “Sustainability Heroes”

Boutique Hotel Stadthalle (Austria)
An eco-hotel defined as “passive house” – a standard describing the energy efficiency of a building that reduces its carbon footprint


CleverFarm (Czech Republic)
An agriculture business committed to developing smart solutions for farmers such as IoT-based sensors and precision agriculture tools


Wanted Community (France)
A project aiming to create inclusive spaces by managing responsible cafés and restaurants and by implementing several solidarity initiatives


PlanA.Earth (Germany)
An AI- and science-driven certified SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for automated carbon accounting, decarbonisation, ESG management and reporting


Virgin Oil Press Ltd. – Grapoila (Hungary)
An agriculture business which became a zero-waste company in the processes for the production of its oils and created an urban development programme to familiarise with permaculture


Natura Iblea-PaniereBio (Italy)
A leading agriculture business in Southern Italy’s organic production which implemented significant welfare initiatives for its employees, especially during the pandemic crisis


Rioma (Spain)
A textile company that created a Foundation operating in Spain and South America to support young people at risk of social exclusion