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Mint Future

Digital Services · Germany

The Future of the Automotive Industry is Electric

Mint future GmbH develops digital business models centred on the topic of greenhouse gas trading. Drivers of all-electric vehicles and operators of public charging facilities are provided access to a sustainable trade of CO2 credits thanks to the brand In Germany, thanks to a new regulatory provision that came into force on 1st January 2022, e-drivers can trade the CO2 quotas they do not emit (as they only use electricity instead of fossil fuels to power their vehicles) by selling to companies that buy them to offset their own carbon dioxide emissions.

What the platform has to offer

 Through its platform, Mint Future connects drivers of all-electric vehicles with the certifying institution, the Federal Environment Agency, as well as potential buyers of greenhouse gas (GHG) quotas. Users are free to decide whether the proceeds from GHG trading should be paid out in full or used to support selected climate protection projects via the application. The options include local reforestation initiatives as well as the expansion of the charging infrastructure. Mint Future earns a handling fee in proportion to the sale of the quotas and invests in encouraging electric mobility.

Enabling and incentivising an eco-transition

The web application was developed as white-label software and is now available for use free of charge to various multipliers. Mint Future thus offers a possibility for insurance firms, public utilities, car dealerships, and many other e-mobility stakeholders to provide their customers with access to GHG trading in a way that best suits them. Both the transaction between the CO2-intensive major corporation and e-driver, and the application to the certifying institution is fully digitised & transparent. Thus, the marketing of CO2 credits is used to encourage people to switch to using electromobility, and the revenue generated from this business model is invested responsibly with sustainability and the future in mind.


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