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Lumar IG

Construction – Slovenia

Lumar IG is a family-owned medium-sized business with 30 years of experience in building prefabricated wooden buildings. Today, Lumar is a leading promoter of sustainable homes, developing new solutions that connect various industries and technologies. But sustainability is not limited to their products: Lumar also incorporates it into their business model and management.

Introducing sustainable solutions to every home
Lumar builds houses using wooden materials, a renewable and sustainable construction material with the capacity to store CO2. Already in 2009, Lumar began developing solutions for “passive houses” (i.e., energy-efficient buildings), focusing primarily on energy efficiency, which is now one of the three main pillars of sustainable buildings.

These solutions were later implemented in all of their houses. With further product development, Lumar introduced their first “active house” for trial living in 2013, followed by the first certified Slovenian House with the Active House certificate in 2019.

Today, Lumar continues to develop and offer solutions for sustainable living as part of the Lumar Zero Emission Living® concept. This concept includes a variety of solutions, including mobility and energy self-sufficiency. Additionally, with their latest project – Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of their construction systems, they are implementing sustainability throughout the supply chain and can comprehensively evaluate the impact on the environment. To date, Lumar has built over 2.560 buildings, including kindergartens and a health center.

Bringing sustainability from product to business practices and business model
Sustainable management has been the guiding principle for the company’s director and owner, Marko Lukić, since the beginning of operations. In 2018, Lumar developed their first Sustainable business strategy, systematizing their activities and establishing sustainability as a strategic focus for further development.

The solutions they offer to clients were also implemented in the Renovation Project of their Office building, as well as their show house in Dragomelj, near Ljubljana. The renovation project of the Office building included various measures with a strong emphasis on sustainability, such as energy retrofitting and a solar power plant.

Lumar has systematically integrated the environmental aspect of sustainability into their business practices, while also incorporating social and governance elements into their daily operations. They firmly believe that an organization’s identity is not solely defined by its mission and vision, but also by the purpose and values it upholds.

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