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GENAQ’s mission is to provide access to quality drinking water, at low cost, in a sustainable way. That’s why, since 2008, the company has invested in the research, development and production of atmospheric water generators, offering the market a wide range of models as well as customized solutions for specific needs.

Transforming air humidity into clean water
The growing concern for the availability of drinking water has led to the development of advanced technologies that take advantage of the humidity present in the air to generate clean and safe water for human consumption.

GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators are innovative devices designed to extract air humidity and convert it into liquid water. These revolutionary systems make it possible to obtain high quality drinking water directly from the air, offering a sustainable and efficient solution to address water scarcity in various regions of the world. All they need is air and access to an energy source.

The technology behind those devices is based on the condensation process: atmospheric water generators filter air from the atmosphere and extract its moisture in a condensation chamber. The generated water then follows a water treatment system, providing drinking water ready for consumption.

Versatile solutions for different conditions
One of the most outstanding advantages of GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators is their versatility and adaptability to different climatic and geographical conditions. There are several applications that atmospheric water generators can have:

  • dispensers that make it possible to dispose of bottled water in homes, offices, restaurants
  • industrial equipment, to supply water remotely reducing costs
  • generators adapted to emergency situations in civil or military camps, disasters or for humanitarian aid.

Making a global impact
The impact of GENAQ’s intervention in more than 60 countries is significant. Before the installation of the systems, communities depend on water sources but, thanks to GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators, it is possible to have access to clean and safe water for drinking, cooking and other basic needs.

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