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Magic Forest

Biotechnology research - Croatia

In a world increasingly characterised by environmental challenges, a small but impactful Croatian company is sowing the seeds of hope and change. Founded in 2021, Magic Forest’s mission is to restore and protect biodiversity, contributing to environmental conservation with a unique approach — planting forests with the help of drones.

Magic Forest has been operating for three years, with a focus on planting new forests and restoring existing ones – and its effort has already became frutiful, with 55,300 trees already planted. But this is not just about numbers: it is about transforming forgotten and abandoned land, regenerating nature and empowering communities.

One of Magic Forest’s flagship initiatives, Project O2, is a reforestation project that aims to rejuvenate seemingly useless and abandoned land using state-of-the-art drone technology. Magic Forest’s pioneering ecological restoration approach involves planting trees in hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas, including burned and degraded lands, at a rate that surpasses manual planting.

The impact of collective action
What sets Magic Forest apart is not only its commitment to nature, but also its ability to inspire others to join. The collaboration with leading Croatian companies and the engagement of more than 500 volunteers serve as a powerful example of the impact of collective action. Together, they transformed more than 140,000 square meters of degraded and neglected urban land in various cities and municipalities.

The impact of Magic Forest’s work goes beyond the physical act of planting trees. Through educational programmes and interactive planting sessions, Magic Forest brings people together, shovels in hand, to nurture new life, creating a wave of hope and positive change within communities.

Technology for environmental care
Through an interactive web application, individuals and companies can actively monitor their contribution to the project. They can observe what they’ve planted, the location of their seedlings, and calculate the positive ecological footprint they are leaving as a legacy for future generations. This level of engagement fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility, motivating each participant to take an active role in environmental care.

The ultimate goal of the Magic Forest team is global – to restore as much land as possible and raise awareness of the vital role forests play for our planet. With each recognition, the mission gains momentum, and its determination to protect and preserve nature grows stronger.

Inspiring a sustainable future
When asked why they do what they do, Magic Forest’s team members have a simple but powerful answer: “Who gives us the right to keep our children’s children from enjoying and using planet Earth as we do today?” Their commitment to a greener, more sustainable future is an inspiration to us all, a reminder that every small act of planting a tree can have a profound impact on the world and generations to come.

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