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Sudár Birtok

Organic farm - Hungary

A modern, family-run organic herb and spice farm, with 100% chemical-free operations, Sudár Birtok is located in Szigetköz, where research has shown that the soil quality is excellent and the number of sunshine hours is also extremely high.

Chemical-free and open to the community
The farm’s activities started with the cultivation of spices and herbs, especially red paprika – a crop that has been cultivated by several generations of the family. No chemicals have been used in 30 years, which is why Sudár Birtok can ensure the quality of its products and the protection of the environment.

Moreover, the farm has adopted a social approach and offers job opportunities to people with disabilities.

Sustainability is about forward thinking
Sudár Birtok believes that forward thinking and monitoring are the key to sustainability. That is why all farm activities are carried out with a view to ensuring the protection of nature and of the local ecosystem. The same principle is followed when choosing commercial partners, who must be equally respectful of the environment.

In the future, Sudár Birtok is planning the production of essential oils and developing new ways of managing by-products – whether it is composting, feeding animals, or using them for further products to be offered to customers.

The SME EnterPRIZE project
Sudár Birtok has been recognised for its sustainability commitment in the framework of the SME EnterPRIZE local edition. The prize it was awarded will be used to develop vegan, gluten-free, home-grown cream soups that can be adapted to most special diets, meeting more and more the needs of customers and continuing to offer delicious and healthy options, fully respectful of the environment.

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