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Cycle Terre

Construction Company · France

‘Renaturing’ Cities Through Sustainable Land Management

Founded in Sevran in 2020, Cycle Terre is a small business that reuses unpolluted site rubble for the construction of new districts in Greater Paris. By doing so, it addresses a problem associated with large-scale construction work: the management of excavated earth, which currently accounts for 90% of urban waste.

Soil and its diverse benefits
The effects of Cycle Terre are extensive and long-lasting, and the organisation maintains that constructing on local land entails “renaturing” the city and restoring the natural balance of its elements in the face of the increasing artificialisation of our living environment. Moreover, the earth has great ecological and social qualities, just like wood, stone, or plant fibres: it is 100% healthy and free of volatile organic compounds, has a very low carbon footprint, is completely recyclable as a raw material if it is not stabilised, is breathable, and acts as a natural humidity regulator.

Considering the many advantages it offers, the company urges everyone to reuse excavated rubble in developing projects in order to construct millions of square metres, treating it as a real resource rather than just storing it.

Making a lasting impression
The SME EnterPRIZE jury, which included sustainability and CSR experts like Fabrice Bonnifet (Head Of CSR for Bouygues Construction), was impressed by Cycle Terre and its innovative initiatives in the building sector, which is considered to be a significant contributor to environmental pollution.

Teddy Dusausaye, Cycle Terre’s managing director, was honoured to win the local competition, especially because the firm is capable of transforming what is currently considered unusable waste into a valuable resource that can be used to meet future challenges. Cycle Terre offers a genuine alternative to the world of construction and building sites.

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