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Callidus Group

IT Solutions · Croatia

Leading Transformation Through Ground-Breaking IT Solutions

With 14 years of system integration experience in the field of ICT technologies, Callidus Group can boast a cutting-edge portfolio of IT solutions, which continually expands to respond to the growing needs of existing and new clients. The company designs, implements and maintains IT infrastructure and cloud solutions, adapting them to each client’s needs and providing support and consultancy services. The solutions they create offer a “turnkey” approach and can be implemented on the client’s existing IT resources.

Powerful ideas that drive change
“Around 30 of Callidus’ hardworking, talented employees from our Croatia and Slovenia offices are working on innovative IT solutions,” said the company’s CEO, Goran Ranogajec. During the past five years, they have been diligently working on innovations and progressive ideas, some of which are truly radical and have the potential to “change the world”, especially in the sustainability segment.

This was the motivating factor that drove the business to apply to SME EnterPRIZE. “We entered our submission in the Environment category, more specifically in the innovation and digital transformation segment, which awarded us first place. IoT technologies, or the Internet of Things, a term that refers to a large number of interconnected devices whose purpose is data automation, are one of our company’s most significant businesses. Automation can be implemented in areas like food production, healthcare, in keeping our environment clean and several other fields. Basically, the goal of IoT is to restore simplicity and sustainability to the world,” Ranogajec explained.

Radical thinking and the creation of new technologies
Between 2019 and 2022, the company collaborated with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Osijek on a research and development project for ground-breaking innovation in the field of power grid digital transformation – more specifically, a system for monitoring high-voltage lines using IoT technologies, especially high-voltage insulator failures. In addition to increasing the capacity of the existing transmission lines, which are currently physically oversized to ensure reliability and stability, the technology will eventually enable real preventive maintenance.

Since real-time insight into the actual state of individual network elements is not possible, oversizing is necessary. Our innovation means to provide access to such real-time insight and unlock the full physical potential of the network infrastructure. This removes the need to build new transmission lines, whose capacities can be used instead for the transition to renewable energy sources and e-mobility,” Ranogajec stated.

Callidus Group is developing a disruptive technology, whose application is far-reaching and will have a positive impact on the sustainability of both energy and the environment. “Our biggest advantage is that we are not afraid of thinking radically or venturing bravely into uncharted territory. This recognition will provide us with further visibility in the market, allowing us to apply our technological solutions around the world and with greater success,” Ranogajec concluded.

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