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Spain on the look-out for its Sustainability Heroes

May 10, 2021
SME EnterPRIZE - Spain

On May 1, the search for “Sustainability Heroes” kicked off also in Spain through the local activation of SME EnterPRIZE, the Generali Group project dedicated to sustainable SMEs.

Just like the other countries involved in the initiative, Spain aims to contribute to the necessary transformation of the national entrepreneurial system and to promote economic recovery with an award that recognises the best sustainability initiatives developed by small and medium-sized enterprises with a maximum of 200 employees.

The award allocates a € 90,000 prize, to be divided among businesses that stand out in the 3 categories of SME EnterPRIZE: Welfare, Environment, and Community.
Through SME EnterPRIZE, Generali Spain has turned its attention to local SMEs that, as in most European countries, play an essential role in economic and social development. In fact, they represent more than 90% of the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem and more than 60% of total employment.

SMEs that have made sustainable business choices that fall into one of the three categories can participate in the initiative launched by Generali Spain registering by June 7, 2021 on the dedicated website (

The jury that will proclaim the three winners, one for each category, will be made up of experts in sustainability, CSR (Corporate social responsibility) and business management, including Generali managers as well as Rosa Visiedo, Dean of the CEU San Pablo University, and Marcos González, President and Editor of the Corresponsables and ObservaRSE Foundation.

Each of the three winners can invest the 30,000 euros received to finance environmental, social or solidarity projects respectively, within twelve months from receiving the prize.

The winning SMEs in Spain will participate to the International Awards Ceremony to be held in Brussels in September 2021, gathering in front of European institutions and media, together with the nominees from the other countries participating in the SME EnterPRIZE initiative, namely Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy.