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Generali France and the PME sustainable initiative

April 15, 2021

France is one of the seven countries that take part in the SME EnterPRIZE project, actively engaging in its promotion through initiatives specifically designed to discover local representatives of the most sustainable SMEs in Europe.

The common goal of all participating countries is to promote sustainable business models and stimulate public debate on sustainability among European SMEs, but each country is bound to give the project its own flavour, by adapting the initiative to local practices.

Today we are taking a closer look at what France is doing to promote SME EnterPRIZE.

On June 20th, Generali France will award three companies that will have distinguished themselves in this field, emphasizing particularly their responsiveness and adaptability to the health crisis and the current economic context.

The Jury – made up of Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR experts from the academic, business, and association arenas, as well as representatives of Generali and Klésia, main partner of the event – will assess applicants based on their actions to transform their business model, the ability to innovate, their diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as on the quality and lasting impact of the products and services offered.

Just as in the rest of Europe, the 3 SME EnterPRIZE categories for candidates to apply to are Welfare, Environment and Community.

All Generali France sales and distributor networks are already mobilized to identify SMEs that can meet the specified criteria. Interested SMEs are invited to apply before May 15th (here).

The winning companies will be offered the equivalent of a € 15,000 media visibility plan.

Two “special mention” SMEs will also be selected by the jury, while all other participants will be listed among the “nominees” for the 2021 Edition, having thus the opportunity to promote their involvement.

Jean-Laurent Granier, CEO of Generali France, said: “We are convinced that SMEs are a solid economic foundation of France and Europe; supporting them in their transformation and adaptation means developing a more inclusive and sustainable economy. SME EnterPRIZE will allow us to recognise and reward exemplary companies, which can be an inspiration to others in their business endeavours”.

Similarly to France, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Austria are also undertaking local initiatives to promote the SME EnterPRIZE project, while Spain and Italy will be following soon.

The best European SMEs, identified in each of the participating countries, will be awarded on September 29, 2021 at an international event in Brussels before the premier European Institutions and Media.