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Grain de Sail

Transports - France

A Breton company founded in 2010, Grain de Sail is revolutionizing maritime transport by using a custom-made cargo sailboat to decarbonize the shipping of products like cocoa and coffee.

Brothers Olivier and Jacques Barreau are committed to reducing the environmental impact of shipping raw materials, paving the way for sustainable solutions. Their commitment goes beyond business, actively engaging with local communities to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable shipping and advocating for environmentally conscious choices. In an era demanding sustainability, Grain de Sail showcases how visionary efforts can reshape industries for the better.

An innovative approach through cargo sailboats
Grain de Sail’s innovative approach rests on the design and operation of a cargo sailboat that serves two vital functions: supporting land-based agri-food operations and facilitating low-carbon maritime logistics. The company set sail on its ambitious journey in 2010, anchored in Morlaix, Brittany. Its audacious goal is sourcing products like coffee and cocoa from distant corners of the world while minimizing CO2 emissions.

Grain de Sail is poised to revolutionize the concept of cargo sailboats. They firmly believe that if they can lead with a fleet of decarbonized vessels, others will follow suit, driving the mass adoption of this eco-friendly mode of transport.

Promoting sustainability for the environment and the community
What sets Grain de Sail apart is its integrated business model, which manages all activities from sea to land. Remarkably, it has achieved an impressive over 90% decarbonization rate for maritime transport, aligning with ISO 9000-1 standards.

But Grain de Sail’s impact extends beyond environmental sustainability: they are also dedicated to societal well-being. The company offers opportunities for employment and social integration in cooperation with Institutions and Services of Support through Labour (Établissements et Services d’Aide par le Travail – ESAT). The people involved thanks to this approach work daily at the chocolate factory in roles tailored to accommodate their specific needs, creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that “broadens our vision of others.”

Revolutionising maritime transport
At its core, Grain de Sail’s mission is to decarbonize maritime transport. Beyond coffee and chocolate, they transport goods for companies looking to decarbonize their shipping, bridging the gap between Saint Malo and New York. Their first vessel, measuring 24 meters in length, can carry up to 50 tonnes, while their second, a colossal 52 meters long, has a capacity of 350 tonnes.

As Jacques Barreau aptly puts it, “When you savour a Grain de Sail coffee or chocolate, you’re also savouring the maritime adventure, the environmental journey.” Grain de Sail embodies the spirit of sustainability, proving that visionary efforts can reshape the transport industry for a brighter and greener future.

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