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Sustainable Furniture · Germany

The future of furniture is eco-friendly

Swoofle’s philosophy is economic profit in harmony with environmental protection and social needs. With patented furniture and as the sole InstantBooking provider for rental furniture, the company aims to have a positive impact on the sustainability of the events sector in Germany and across Europe.

On the path to Green Events

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the need for sustainability, Swoofle is leading the way with its innovative FlatCube furniture which is made from sustainable materials and is locally manufactured in Berlin. The FlatCube is easy to assemble and offers a contemporary and stylish look for any event. Additionally, its compact design saves on space and shipping costs, making it even more environmentally friendly. With its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Swoofle is transforming the events industry for the better by making it greener.

Making Great Strides

 Swoofle is committed to creating sustainable value for today’s society and for future generations. In order to fulfil its mission, the company has evolved a lot over time; here are some of its key initiatives:

  • Materials produced predominantly in Germany in an environmentally friendly manner are used in the production of the furniture
  • People with disabilities are employed in manufacturing workshops, creating a positive impact on society
  • Damaged and discarded FlatCubes are recycled thanks to the #2ndCHANCE initiative that provides a new life to discarded furniture
  • From its client companies, Swoofle collects waste materials that can be converted into furniture, such as stools
  • Swoofle also supports Make-A-Wish, a non-profit organisation that grants the wishes of seriously ill children from the ages 3 to 17 to bring them happiness, strength, and hope.

Thanks to the company’s strategy, Swoofle was able to optimise the procurement process of raw materials and, at the same time, reduce shipping costs. In fact, unlike traditional furniture rental companies, Swoofle delivers its products in a compressed form so that several shipments can be grouped together, resulting in reduced carbon emissions.

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