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Sofa Dress Ltd.’s Unique Vision of Sustainability

Furniture Covers · Hungary

Recognized in the Local Edition of the SME EnterPRIZE Project, in the Environment Category

Sofa Dress Ltd. is a market leader in the field of furniture covers in Hungary. Thanks to its experience in the textile industry, in 2019 it founded the NR DOGS brand, which produces dog beds and accessories. In only two years, NR DOGS has become a recognised premium brand in the Hungarian market.

Nora and Robert, founders of the brand, were unimpressed by the overused paw and bone prints. What made things worse was the fact that every dog bed they had bought was impossible to clean after a while, smelly and covered with their pet’s hair. After a year at most these costly dog beds had to be disposed of as they lost their original shape.

This acted as the incentive behind the creation of the brand, NR DOGS. As textile manufacturers and owners of two dogs, they are committed to producing the best looking and superior quality dog products available on the market. They work exclusively with high-quality materials and import textiles for products mainly from France.  They have dreamt of creating products that last a long time, without having to compromise functionality for a trendy design. Their products are well-known for their easy maintenance and durability, as well as for their unique designs.

Their products are exceptional both in terms of aesthetics and functionality: they are animal-friendly, easy to clean, water repellent, in line with current trends and designed for long-term use. The company’s mission is to build a premium brand recognised globally in the coming years.

In March 2021, in the interest of sustainability, NR DOGS introduced a dog bed made entirely from recycled plastic: it was created with textiles made from PET bottles, and fillers from construction waste. The founders strongly believe that the world needs to move forward in this direction and want to serve as a source of inspiration for others.

Unfortunately, a common characteristic of recycled products is that they are more expensive than their non-recycled counterparts, mostly because technological development is not yet sufficient in this area. The founders, at present, make the products by hand. However, with the support of SME EnterPRIZE, manual refill work will be replaced by a machine, thus increasing overall production capacity, reducing product price, and making this green solution accessible to a larger number of consumers.