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Neya Porto Hotel

Tourism - Portugal

Even before sustainability and responsible tourism became an unavoidable theme, NEYA was committed to making a positive impact on sustainable tourism, for the environment and future generations. That’s how its first project, NEYA Lisboa Hotel, was born, with sustainability integrated into its business model ever since the beginning. A concept that was extended to the second project, NEYA Porto Hotel.

Sustainable design at the core
NEYA Porto Hotel was born from the recovery of the Madre Deus de Monchique convent ruins. The construction preserved the convent’s original layout and the landscaped cloisters, honouring its history while prioritizing environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

This strategic design and management option earned NEYA Porto Hotel the prestigious LEED GOLD certification in 2022, making it the first hotel unit in Portugal to receive recognition from the “U.S. Green Building Council & Green Business Certification.”

In addition to sustainability considerations guiding construction, including the reuse of materials onsite, attention to the environment is fundamental in all aspects of the management and daily practices of NEYA Porto Hotel.

Eco-friendly practices and sustainable mobility
The hotel has implemented efficient practices to reduce its ecological footprint in terms of energy and water consumption, carbon emissions, waste reduction and separation, as well as materials, equipment and sustainable mobility.

Among the efficiency measures developed by NEYA Porto Hotel are:

  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • thermal and photovoltaic solar panels
  • 100% green power supply
  • centralized technical management of air conditioning and lighting
  • low-consumption air conditioning
  • LED lighting
  • sectoral monitoring of consumption
  • limitation of room temperature regulation
  • cutting off air conditioning if the windows are opened
  • reuse of washing and bathing water.

In terms of low-carbon mobility, the hotel provides free bicycles to the guests, charging stations for electric vehicles, and parking for bicycles, while calculating and offsetting carbon emissions in order to be a carbon neutral structure.

Charitable endeavours
As a GRACE Association member, NEYA Porto Hotel supports charitable initiatives, donates goods and meals, engages in volunteering, and forms partnerships with children’s institutions. Moreover, with the “Solidarity Room” project in collaboration with Porto hospitals, the hotel provides accommodation for families seeking medical treatment for their children.

A sustainable business model for economic resilience
The project is rooted in a business model focused on responsible practices, sustainable growth, and efficient use of resources. By purchasing locally produced goods and supporting the national economy, NEYA Porto Hotel fosters economic responsibility and community engagement.

There is a growing demand for hotels that guarantee the reduction of the ecological footprint associated with travels, whether for leisure, business, individuals, or groups. The hotel is committed to boosting the sustainable tourist offer and has served as a driving force behind the sustainable trend in Portugal, being the target of studies by other hotels, universities, and institutions linked to the environment and tourism.

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