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Hedy Production

Digital Services · Austria

Digitalisation in the Service of Sustainability

Hedy Production’s technology enables European manufacturers to utilise their machinery to full capacity, helping European SMEs operate in an economically sustainable, resource-saving, and efficient manner. Local production becomes affordable and competitive through the optimal use of available production capacities. This is the first digital production marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers, i.e. supply and demand.

New ways of manufacturing
The company is convinced that new paths have to be taken in the production of material goods. In the future, manufacturing will be digital, service-oriented, and organised in local networks. Hedy Production, with its business idea, assists companies along this path.

The goals of Hedy Production are:

  • to make local production more economical through the optimal use of resources
  • to promote and help protect SMEs’ business locations in Europe
  • to secure jobs in the manufacturing sector
  • to help reduce consumption by making the best use of available resources
  • to safeguard local value creation
  • to innovate locally
  • to contribute to supply chain resilience
  • to favour know-how and local production networking.

Think global, act local
Hedy Production is committed to making a positive contribution to fulfilling the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). Business success is inextricably linked to this, and gender diversity is in HEDY Production’s DNA. These values are practised by all team members, founders, and shareholders and are an essential part of the company’s heritage. Technological modernisation and innovation, as well as increasing economic productivity through diversification, are as much a part of the core business as crossing national borders and strengthening local networks. The more successful the implementation, the greater Hedy’s economic success.

Through its marketing activities, the company creates awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of local production. Managing Director Melanie Ruff is convinced of this: “The closer society is to production, the greater the appreciation for consumer goods and the people who produce them”.

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