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Tips for Sustainable SMEs

SMEs are the bedrock of Europe

They make up more than 99% of businesses in the European Union, employ two thirds of all private sector employees, and contribute to 56% of the added value created by EU businesses, making a vital contribution to economic growth, social stability and innovation.
[Source: EUROPEAN COMMISSION Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) ANNUAL REPORT ON EUROPEAN SMEs 2018/2019 Research & Development and Innovation by SMEs November 2019 on Eurostat’s Structural Business Statistics (SBS) data]

Sustainable development has been one of the fundamental objectives of the European Union for nearly 20 years and it is now the priority of the Next Generation EU: 750 billion euros will be allocated according to sustainable criteria and addressing sustainability-related topics, such as: Environment, Natural Resources, Cohesion, Digital Innovation, Health Programmes, Resilience Facililities.

Therefore, supporting SMEs in their sustainable transformation means supporting Europe to develop a more inclusive and green economy.

Moreover, Sustainability represents a growth opportunity for SMEs: ongoing research shows a positive relationship between the sustainable behaviour of SMEs and their financial performance. SMEs adopting sustainable business models have proven more resilient and better able to drive long-term success and to create value for the communities they operate in.

This means that SMEs have the power to positively impact the real economy and the future of next generations, and therefore to ensure long-term sustainable development.

Sustainability is everyone’s opportunity!


EU for sustainability

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