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Sonnberg Biofleisch

Agricolture · Unterweißenbach, Austria

Austrian organic farm recognized in the local edition of the SME EnterPRIZE project, in the Sustainable Products and Services category

Anyone who studies the history of agriculture quickly realizes that what people and local communities needed to live on, they produced themselves. Natural fodder and animal rearing that fostered their wellbeing were never questioned and animal transportation was not commonplace. Meat was available no more than twice a week and on holidays.

This is a notion that Sonnberg Biofleisch also shares and subscribes to. It is better to eat meat rarely, but if it is on the menu, then let it be organically produced. This is particularly important to Managing Director Manfred Huber who is adamant that the philosophy of sustainability be carried out comprehensively in the business – from establishing trusted relations and fair cooperation with farm suppliers to the use of organic raw materials throughout the production cycle.

The basis for the good taste of Sonnberg’s organic meat and organic sausage products is the respectful, species-appropriate animal husbandry applied in the farmer-owned organic supplier farms and the stress-free slaughter methods used. Organic farming guarantees not only the production of healthy, tasty food, but also the sustainable management of nature and habitats.

Slaughtered animals are exclusively from Austria. In meat processing, Sonnberg Biofleisch relies almost exclusively on natural ingredients without flavour enhancers or colorants. The spices used come from controlled organic farming.

Organic animal husbandry means taking responsibility for the wellbeing and welfare of the animals, with an eye to future generations, from whom we are only borrowing the Earth. This prompts the company – on a daily basis – to optimize, develop and comply with its sustainable values.

100 percent organic food not only helps people to live better – it supports nature. Where genetic engineering and chemical “growth aids” are used, nature begins to lose out, and in turn so do people and animals. Sonnberg Biofleisch exemplifies what it means to work in harmony with nature.

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