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Sofia Cosmétiques

Manufacturing · Carros, France

Sofia Cosmétiques, located in the South of France, in an area of long botanical tradition, develops, industrialises, packages and delivers cosmetic products (shampoos, gels, creams, hygiene and beauty products).

The company’s longstanding commitment to a robust quality management system is reflected in the certifications obtained (ISO 9001, ISO22716, COSMOS). In addition, the company is engaged in a global CSR politic illustrated by several actions undertaken: its production is carried out according to the Good Manufacturing Practices taking in account environmental aspects, and the company signed the “Responsible Care”, the chemical industry’s voluntary global initiative for the continuous improvement of the sector’s environmental, health, and safety performance.

Moreover, systematic sorting, wastewater recycling and an energy-saving program were introduced at the company’s industrial factory, and the NatuBaVal program was launched to offer an effective alternative to chemical preservatives. The company has been committed in CSR since 2015 and just completed a sustainable performance course with the Southern Region.

Sofia Cosmétiques reacted very quickly to the COVID-19 crisis by producing hydro-alcoholic gel, and this enabled it to save 20% of its turnover.
The genuine culture of agility, innovation and research of the company helped it implement new actions to respond to the first phase of the crisis and plan the next steps for the relaunch.

Agility: Spread of teleworking in times of crisis, development of new remote meeting methods.
Innovation: Focus on robotization and digitalisation (particularly in their packaging sector) and plans to develop a new “Clean and Lean” formulation approach to reduce raw material stocks.
Research: New products are launched every year, and the company has developed contacts with the Universities of Nice and Marseille and the Terralia-Pass Competitiveness Cluster now named Innov’alliance.

Present in 42 countries, Sofia Cosmétiques is vigilant about the geopolitical, environmental and social situation and challenges of its markets and about new technologies, to take advantage of its “Made in France” characteristic while meeting the varying expectations of consumers.

The company has set up a decentralised management system to cultivate solidarity and employee motivation: 75% of the workforce is aware of the company’s risks and know-how, and this enables them to take initiatives in their areas of responsibility and to change course often, and this while maintaining a sense of community.

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