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Wastewater Treatment ยท Austria

Advancing its Purpose Through an Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solution

A mobile unit to treat industrial wastewater that is instantly returned to the cycle as clear water on site โ€“ this was and continues to be the vision of company founder Gerhard Mayerhofer. After several years of intensive research, this represents Reprotex’s patented business model, which, with its solution for mobile wastewater treatment, makes a sustainable contribution to conserving water. The company is the first – and so far the only – company worldwide to simultaneously offer modern, flexible options to cut costs to the water processing industry.

Saving drinking water

The water recycling systems developed by Reprotex are distinctive in their design and make a significant contribution to the conservation of drinking water and sustainability. Protecting resources and preserving the environment for future generations is a matter of great concern for the company. The disposal of (sometimes heavily) polluted substances is facilitated and minimised, thus improving the public quality of life. The mobile use of the units allows for a versatile application eliminating the need for long transport routes of industrial water. This translates into making water recycling easily accessible for every business.

Sustainability figures

Up to 200 litres of wastewater per minute can be filtered by the mobile Reprotex combination system to 1/1000 mm particle size and reused instantly, making it the only filtration system in the world that can recycle industrial wastewater from a wide range of industries. The solids produced during filtration are reduced automatically down to one percent solid discharge through a synchronously operating sludge dewatering system. 99 percent of the initial wastewater volume is recycled, resulting in 99 percent clear water and 1 percent compact sludge from the original 100 percent wastewater. The clear water treated by the system can either be reused in the circuit (e.g., for high-pressure pumps) or discharged directly.

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