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Sustainable Manufacturing

Promecel, established in 1985, is based in Braga, in the north of Portugal. In addition to the energy sector, Promecel is active in the precision and metal industry, with a focus on hydraulics, energy, agriculture, aeronautics, and railways. The company manufactures high value-added components for almost every industrial sector, exporting over 95% of its production.

A holistic approach to sustainability
Environmental sustainability is highly valued by Promecel, which has held a Quality and Environmental Management certification for several years. The company has developed environmental emergency plans and trained agile teams capable of responding swiftly in the face of an environmental emergency. With the objective of measuring and optimising processes, the company has also clearly defined annual environmental goals and indicators.

Very strict environmental standards are followed when selecting its providers, allowing for the monitoring of the environmental impact of their activities. Promecel, which is actively involved in the community, signed the Corporate Mobility Plan for the Braga region and is leading initiatives to transform urban mobility in order to lower emissions and air pollution.

The benefits of environmentally sound planning
Promecel strongly believes that every entrepreneur, regardless of the size of their business, can choose to run a more sustainable and ecological company. The first step is to create a reliable set of indicators, such as consumption of water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, noise, welfare of employees, turnover, etc.

And the second step involves defining actions to reduce material consumption, secure sustainable provisioning (e.g., favour local production; avoid chemicals; choose high durability materials; recycled or reusable materials), eliminate waste, re-evaluate corporate fleets, promote an efficient use of energy, shift to renewable energies, and constantly search for more innovative and efficient technologies. Strong environmental planning helps businesses boost their productivity and well-being while cutting costs and waste, as well as combating climate change.

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