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Water Purification · Czech Republic

Enhancing wastewater treatment through tailored solutions

For a quarter of a century, the IN-EKO Team has been restoring clean water to circulation by developing and manufacturing equipment for its purification. The company develops tailor-made wastewater treatment solutions for both industrial clients and cities across Europe, Africa, India, and South America.

The purity of water and its (in)sufficiency is a prevalent concern not just in the countries of southern Europe or arid Africa, but also in the Czech Republic. Climate change and pollution caused by sewage and industrial enterprises are making water an increasingly valuable commodity. The IN-EKO Team from Tišnov, near Brno, has been focusing on the process of water purification since it was founded in 1994/1995 by Eva Komárková, who still serves as the company’s CEO.

The efforts of the IN-EKO Team led it to victory in the Czech national round of the SME EnterPRIZE 2022 competition. “We appreciate the visionary spirit of the founder, Eva Komárková, who, in the mid-nineties, had already bet on water purification technologies. The story of her company convinced us that she founded the business to truly benefit both society and the environment. Since then, the company has built a stable business both here and abroad, expanding on its own research and development and cooperating with universities and startups.” commented Helena Továrková, chairwoman of the SME EnterPRIZE competition’s jury.

Clean water for the industry and municipalities

 The company manufactures specialised water management equipment made of stainless steel, intended for filtration and separation of undissolved substances from water in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. However, the IN-EKO Team also manufactures and develops other devices necessary for the operation of purifiers. “The first device we started manufacturing was a micro-mesh drum filter, which is in our portfolio even today. When developing our products, designed to filter water and restore it to nature, we always think about how we can be one step ahead. We try to apply this approach throughout the entire production and operation processes of our company. We use all our knowledge and experience in the field of water filtration to continue to develop efficient and innovative devices, which is why our products too are constantly being innovated,” explains Company Director Eva Komárková.

IN-EKO Team focuses not only on the production of tailor-made solutions for industrial clients, but also on the creation of models for wastewater treatment for cities. The company’s entire product portfolio is Predominantly focused on primary and tertiary microfiltration using mechanical cleaning and removal of impurities from wastewater, which helps protect the environment. With our devices, we improve its condition, as we subsequently manage to return the water to nature. Clean water will benefit us all,” adds Eva Komárková.

 A vocation for export

 The Tišnov IN-EKO Team exports most of its production abroad. “Of course, we also participate in the Czech market, we are number one in the Czech Republic. We started exporting in our early days and exported the first micro-mesh drum filters to Italy in 1995, states Eva Komárková.Our advantage over competing solutions is a personal approach to each customer. Thanks to the piece production of our equipment, we are able to adapt the product directly to the customer’s requirements, which is not standard in the case of foreign corporations“.

All devices that the company puts on the market are the result of its own environmentally conscious research and production in the Czech Republic: the company has been operating for 10 years with an owned solar power plant providing around 50% of the energy needed for its operations. In the coming years, the plan is to increase the total share of renewable energy with additional investments of up to 70%.

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