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Waste Management · Czech Republic

An expert at converting industrial waste into resources

The phrase “garbage for some, treasure for others” also relates to the industrial sector. Today, many materials regularly disposed of in landfills can be successfully sold. Cyrkl advises businesses on how to save money and emissions through more efficient waste management. For example, metal production is characterised by complex production processes that result in difficult-to-solve waste, yet even there, the Cyrkl team is able to find alternative uses for waste materials.

Cyrkl is an international technology company whose mission is to apply the principles of circular economy in waste management through innovative technologies. It helps thousands of companies turn waste into a resource via Europe’s largest digital platform for trading waste materials. Thanks to Cyrkl, companies avoid hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 emissions and save money on the management of waste, which can also be sold as a desired raw material.

A second life for metal waste and abrasives

Foundry sands are created when metals are pressed. Lower quality sands are difficult to recycle and therefore, often end up in landfills. Landfilling them, however, means wasting a precious natural resource because the sand produced in this way can be classified as a by-product rather than as waste. Cyrkl has helped several companies save and keep their foundry sand out of landfills by repurposing it. The company identified clients in its database who might utilise it, for example, to make gypsum mixtures. Abrasives can also be reused, but recycling possibilities vary depending on their composition. It is possible to recycle abrasives made of plastic or metal granules. In the case of metal materials, it’s expected that there will be demand for these secondary raw materials on the market, and it will be possible to sell them through the Cyrkl online marketplace.

The potential of used packaging

Various types of packaging materials are used for supply in foundries and other industries. Packaging is generally in high demand on the market, including used packaging. Transport barrels, crates, boxes, pallets or so-called big bags are often requested. On the Cyrkl market, used big bags are required by numerous interested parties. Depending on their quantity and quality, Cyrkl experts can determine the most suitable solution for them – reuse, recycling or disposal method. Big bags from foundries are often dirty or torn, making it difficult to reuse them. In some cases, however, it pays for companies to purchase a plastic washing machine, or find a partner for their cleaning needs through Cyrkl.


An international platform for secondary materials of all types

Not just foundries generate waste that can be given a second life. On the Cyrkl marketplace, you can register for free and submit offers for almost any material. Over 15,000 registered users are already trading on the platform. Cyrkl also provides consultancy in the form of circular waste scans, which help businesses optimise their waste management and reduce costs and emissions. Companies such as IKEA, Pražská kabelovna and Škoda Auto, for example, have all had positive experiences.

For its contribution to the development of the circular economy and reduction of emissions, Cyrkl was awarded third place in the national round of the SME EnterPRIZE competition, which supports sustainable businesses of small and medium-sized enterprises and is organised by Generali Česká pojišťovna. “Anyone who has even the least interest in sustainable business has surely heard about Cyrkl. The unique platform turns waste into resources and teaches companies to see value in them. It is rapidly expanding across Europe, has thousands of users, and we believe that it will turn its potential into a successful business in the future,” explained Helena Továrková, chairwoman of the competition jury.

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