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Sustainability Check

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Environment Sustainability Check

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  • 1. Do you have any certifications/accreditations related to environmental requirements regarding the operations and/or the products or services of your Company?

    i.e.: ISO 14001, EMAS, EU Ecolabel, EPD etc.
  • 2. Do you put in place initiatives* aimed at increasing the efficient use of energy and/or reducing energy consumption within your Company?
  • *Organizational or technological modification that allows a defined process or task to be carried out using less energy (i.e.: process redesign, the conversion and retrofitting of equipment such as energy-efficient lighting, or the elimination of unnecessary energy use due to changes in behaviour).
  • 3. Do you put in place initiatives aimed at reducing the level of water consumption in your Company?

    i.e.: water recycle and reuse*.
  • *Act of processing used water and wastewater through another cycle before discharge to final treatment and discharge to the environment (GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards – GRI 303-3).
  • 4. Do you have any programs or policies in place to reduce the environmental impact caused by travel, commuting and generic transportation activities?

    i.e.: business travel CO2 emissions offsetting, adoption of electric powered business vehicles, adoption of car-pooling policies or low impact shuttle-services for commuting employees.