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Community Sustainability Check

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  • 1. Do your Community investments refer to Cash contributions, in support of a community organization or project?

    (i.e.: direct contributions, social sponsorship of cultural events or institutions, paying for new facilities or services for the community)
  • 2. Do your Community investments refer to Time contributions, meaning the cost of the paid working hours contributed by employees to a community organization or activity?

    (i.e.: employee volunteering, active participation in fundraising activities, supervision of work experience placements)
  • 3. Do your Community investments refer to In-kind contributions, meaning non-cash resources, to community activities, including donations of your company’s products or services?

    (i.e.: donations of products, provisions of pro bono services, use of company premises, IT equipment or facilities for schools, donation of leftover food from the Company canteen)
  • 4. Do you make or plan to make investments in Business Innovation activities, that is new ways of doing business or developing products that bring enhanced social impacts without neglecting a clear return to the business*?

    (i.e.: using expertise in manufacturing to face growing numbers of face masks or other healthcare items)
  • *Please see The Business for Societal Impact Framework - It is a robust measurement standard that any company can apply to understand the difference their contributions make both to their business and society.