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SME EnterPRIZE and Sustainability

February 19, 2021
SME Enterprize Collage

“SME EnterPRIZE” is Generali’s flagship initiative dedicated to European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the goal of promoting sustainable business models and stimulating public debate on the issue of sustainability.

During the “SME EnterPRIZE” event that will take place in Brussels in September 2021, Generali will present the first edition of a White Paper developed with Bocconi University, dedicated to studying the integration of sustainability principles in European SMEs. The event will provide visibility to Sustainability Heroes, that is, entrepreneurs who have implemented notable sustainability initiatives in their business activities.

Participants will come from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, where the best companies will be selected in the categories of welfare (improving the well-being of employees and their families), environment (reducing resource consumption, introducing recycling and recovery of raw materials processes), and community (positive impact on the territories they operate in and on their communities of reference).

A website will also be launched to share best practices and to download content and information relating to sustainability.

Sustainability is an enabler of the Generali 2021 strategic plan, driving the transformation of the business and the strategy in the long term. As a responsible investor, Generali is proactively integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process across all asset classes, with the ambition to deliver long-term financial returns while reinforcing its risk management approach and focusing on the impacts that its investment activities can have on the environment and the community. As confirmation of this shared commitment, the compensation of the Group’s top management and managers is now also linked to ESG objectives.

The Group is fully on track to meet its 2021 sustainability objectives:

  • € 4.5 billion increase in new green and sustainable investments
  • 7% – 9% growth in gross written premiums from products with green and social value also developing dedicated solutions for responsible consumers
    Generali is also a sustainable innovator as the first European insurer to have issued a Green bond.